Our Board

The nine members of the HACIA Democracy Board of Directors are tasked with managing all logistical and substantive aspects of the Summit of the Americas. They are elected democratically following the completion of each Summit by the outgoing staff, and work with a team of approximately 35 Harvard students to organize each year’s Summit.


President: Julián Atehortúa Muñoz (president@hacia-democracy.org)

Julian studies Economics and Statistics. His main academic interests include trade, behavioral economics, the application of economic concepts to everyday life, and sports analysis. Julian has previously attended HACIA as the chair of the first-ever Gabinete Presidencial en Español (HACIA XIX), and this past year served as Recruiting Director (HACIA XX).

His professional experience includes work at the Panamanian Foreign Ministry, at CIPPEC Argentina and at Morgan Stanley in New York. In Cambridge, he also serves as co-President of the Colombian Students Association, and works for Harvard organizations as both a peer tutor and official translator. Julian also has previous MUN experience in China, the Netherlands, Panama, the United States, and Venezuela.

During his two years as a member of HACIA Democracy, Julian directly experienced this organization’s unique ability to change lives by engaging, energizing, and inspiring young minds. He is honored to serve as the President of the twenty-first Summit of the Americas, and looks forward to meeting you all in March!


Vice-President: Hilary Julissa Higgins (vice_president@hacia-democracy.org)

Hilary Higgins studies Government and Economics at Harvard and is particularly interested in economic development, Latin American politics, and US international relations. Hilary served as the Director of Spanish Committees at HACIA 2014 and the Co-Chair for the Corte Inter-Americana de Derechos Humanos at HACIA 2013.

Hilary also serves as the Director-General for a Harvard Model United Nations conference in India and served on the board for a collegiate Model United Nations conference in Brazil. Her professional experience includes working at the Corporación de Fomento de la Producción in Santiago, Chile and with the Institute for Quantitative Science on Harvard’s campus. In Cambridge, she is also the co-president of the Colombian Students Association.

Hilary believes HACIA serves an important function as a platform for student debate on pertinent world issues, and is very excited to function as the Vice President of the twenty-first Summit of the Americas.


Recruiting Director: Constanza Vidal Bustamante (recruiting@hacia-democracy.org)

Cony studies psychology with a focus on developmental cognitive neuroscience. Born and raised in Chile, Cony feels a great passion for Latin America, as well as a firm commitment to the region’s development. This and her strong belief in the potential of the youths as agents of social change led her to join HACIA Democracy last year as co-chair of the Corte Inter-Americana de Derechos Humanos. As the new Recruiting Director, Cony now looks forward to enhancing the HACIA experience by providing stronger support for both delegates and advisers as they prepare for the conference, as well as by leading HACIA’s first ever Social Venture Challenge. When not studying brains or thinking of ways to strengthen individuals’ civic engagement, Cony enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures, writing, reading Latin American poetry, watching psychological thrillers, dancing and listening to bossa nova and jazz beats.


Business Director: Délany Sisirucá (business@hacia-democracy.org)

Délany Sisirucá Pérez is a third-year student at Harvard University studying Government with language citations in both French and Italian. Though born in Canada and raised in small-town North Carolina, Délany finds a close connection to Venezuela, the country both her parents are from. She is particularly interested in Venezuelan politics in the Chávez and post-Chávez eras and chaired a committee at HACIA 2014 for El Gabinete Ejecutivo de Hugo Chávez 2002. Délany is also interested in twentieth-century Western European history and its effects on modern-day international relations. Outside of HACIA and academics, Délany is very active in Model United Nations, particularly on the competitive college circuit, as she is one of the co-head delegates on Harvard’s MUN team. Additionally, she loves to dance: after training up until college in classical ballet, Délany joined CityStep at Harvard, a group that teaches dance classes for 5th- through 7th-graders in the area.  As HACIA Democracy’s Business Director, Délany is primarily responsible for managing delegation payments, working with conference partners, and overseeing HACIA’s relationship with our host hotel.


Director of English Committees: Sarah Fellay (english_committees@hacia-democracy.org)

Sarah Fellay is a junior at Harvard studying Social Studies, a special course of study combining social theory with economics. She is particularly interested in East Asian and Latin American politics, even though she hails from France and Switzerland. She will be acting as English Committees Director for HACIA 2015.

Last year, Sarah joined the HACIA family as a co-chair for CELAC, one of the new English committees introduced that year. She loved getting the opportunity to interact with delegates and to discuss pressing Latin American issues with such talented students. She decided to become more involved with HACIA this year by becoming a part of the board.

Outside of HACIA, Sarah serves on the executive board of the Harvard International Review, a quarterly magazine about international affairs, and she competes in legal simulations with the Harvard Mock Trial team. Sarah grew up abroad moving around due to her parents’ work, and there is nothing she loves as much as traveling. She also loves chocolate, unhealthy late night food and overly dramatic TV shows, and would love to hear from you before the conference!


Director of Spanish Committees: Tábata Amaral de Pontes (spanish_committees@hacia-democracy.org)

Tábata Amaral de Pontes is from São Paulo, an incredible Brazilian city. She has represented Brazil in five international Science Olympiads and is the co-founder of Projeto VOA!, a project that prepares students from public schools to Science Olympiads. Her biggest dream is to work with public education, being part of great changes in the Brazilian educational system. Currently, she is studying Political Science and Astrophysics at Harvard, focusing on education in Latin America.
Tábata finds HACIA Democracy to be a very meaningful way of combining her love for education and for Latin America, its people and its cultures. During HACIA XX, Tábata served as a Co-director for Cumbre de las Américas. Besides education, Latin America and HACIA, she also loves dancing, traveling and studying about the universe as well as her six dogs, turtles and parrot.

As Director for Spanish Committees for HACIA, Tábata works with her team of Co-Chairs to design, prepare and execute HACIA’s six Spanish Committees.


Finance Director: Elaine Cheng (finance@hacia-democracy.org)

Elaine Cheng is a senior at Harvard, majoring in Economics. Her field within economics is development economics. When not studying, she entertains herself by singing Adele in the shower, oil painting, and scouring for vintage magazine covers. She has also greatly enjoyed organizing an undergraduate fashion show on campus, and spearheading an international career trip in Sydney, Australia for Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. She spent freshmen summer teaching English to high school students in Beijing, and after the educational start-up went bankrupt, had a whirlwind adventure to Inner Mongolia, Switzerland, and the London Olympics. After  many travel adventures, she decided to get an internship, and spent her sophomore summer interning at a boutique private equity firm in Europe, living with a wonderful host family in Terceira, an island in the Azores. In her junior summer, she settled down and worked in New York, spending some quality time with family! After the summer, she is super excited to organize HACIA.


Administration Director: Sylvia Alejandra Percovich  (admin@hacia-democracy.org)

Sylvia was born in Peru but migrated to South Florida when she was eight. Her heritage led her to declare a concentration in Social Studies sophomore fall in order to focus on Latin American development and post conflict resolution. This is her first year on HACIA and is excited to be part of one the best groups at Harvard.  In addition to HACIA, Sylvia can be found talking about Peruvian and Brazilian football, new places to eat, and most things on BBC. One of the things that she admires most about HACIA are the amazing cultural experiences it offers.Sylvia has interned for the city of Lima, Peru , the Center for Memory, Peace, and Reconciliation in Bogota, Colombia, and ACCORD, an NGO that focuses on conflict resolution in Durban, South Africa. She is currently writing a thesis so emails with questions, comments, and anything HACIA related is welcomed.


Development Director: Martín Santiago Molina (development@hacia-democracy.org)

After being forced to move out of Venezuela at the age of 10 due to the lack of security in the country at the time, Martin developed an interest in politics and democracy at an early age. He and his family moved to the state of Wisconsin in the U.S. where he would reside until moving to Boston to attend Harvard College and pursue his interest in sociology. During HACIA XIX, Martin served as one of the Co-Directors of the Summit of the Americas, and during HACIA XX he started his role as Development director. Martin is fun-loving, enthusiastic, and approachable, so don’t be afraid to talk to him if you have any questions regarding the conference in general or simply to discuss politics, Venezuela, or traveling experiences.

As HACIA Democracy’s Development Director, Martín is tasked with initiating a managing a range of special projects related to social impact, environmental sustainability, and institutional growth. He is very excited to unveil some of these projects in the weeks leading up to conference!


Contact Information:

Julián Atehortúa Muñoz, President