Our Board

The eight members of the HACIA Democracy Board of Directors are tasked with managing all logistical and substantive aspects of the Summit of the Americas. They are elected democratically following the completion of each Summit by the outgoing staff, and work with a team of approximately 35 Harvard students to organize each year’s Summit.


President: Sarah Fellay (president@hacia-democracy.org)

Sarah Fellay is a fourth year student at Harvard majoring in Social Studies, an interdisciplinary program of political and economic science. She has mainly focused on East Asian and Latin American politics, and is writing her senior honors thesis on the civil society response to HIV/AIDS in Peru. She also has a citation in Mandarin Chinese and is minoring in Computer Science.
Sarah is originally from France and Switzerland, but she spent her entire life moving abroad due to her parents’ work. She attended high school in China and Mongolia, and had the chance to spend four years in Latin America when she was younger – three in Peru and one in El Salvador. This is probably what prompted her lifelong love of international relations and government simulations. She joined HACIA as a co-chair for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in 2014. She loved the organization so much that she ran for English Committees Director for HACIA 2015, and President for HACIA 2016.
When she’s not busy answering HACIA emails, Sarah also competes on the Harvard Mock Trial program and moderates debate for Harvard Model Congress. She loves traveling to new places, reading good books, and skiing in her hometown in Switzerland! Feel free to email her at president@hacia-democracy.org if you have any questions.



Vice-President: Constanza Vidal Bustamante (vice_president@hacia-democracy.org)

Cony is a fourth-year student at Harvard studying psychology, with a focus on developmental cognitive neuroscience. Born and raised in Chile, Cony feels a great passion for Latin America, as well as a firm commitment to the region’s development. This along with her strong belief in the potential of the youths as agents of social change led her to join HACIA Democracy 2014 as co-chair of the Corte Inter-Americana de Derechos Humanos, and to become Recruiting Director for HACIA 2015. As the new Vice President for HACIA 2016, Cony now looks forward to working on initiatives that seek to increase the diversity of our delegate body and enhance the preparation of delegates and staff alike, as well as to lead HACIA’s second iteration of the Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. When not studying brains or thinking of ways to strengthen individuals’ civic engagement, Cony enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures, writing, laughing, reading Latin American poetry, watching psychological thrillers, dancing, and listening to bossa nova and jazz beats.


Recruiting Director: Cristina Parajón (recruiting@hacia-democracy.org)

Cristina Parajón is currently a sophomore with plans on concentrating in Sociology, the study of societies, behaviors, and cultures of people groups. She hopes to take on a secondary in Government with an emphasis on Latin American politics to satisfy her never’ending desire to understand the political system of her roots. Born in New Mexico, Cristina grew up in Managua, Nicaragua, during which she attended and junior-staffed HACIA Democracy. HACIA inspired her and many other youth to be conscious of and act to change the issues in Latin America. This inspiration motivated her to return as co-chair for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Spanish (HACIA XXI). As Recruiting Director, it is her hope to make the stimulating conversations and experiences she had at the conference accessible to many more high-school students. In her free time, Cristina helps plan events for HOLA (the Harvard Association for Latin America) and HUBA (the Harvard Undergraduate Brazilian Association), plays on the Harvard Ultimate Frisbee Team, frequently explores Boston on her bike, and enjoys spontaneous dance parties to Carlos Vives. Cristina is extremely excited to meet all the delegates as well as the advisors and find out what they are passionate about!


Business Director: Délany Sisirucá Pérez (business@hacia-democracy.org)

Délany Sisirucá Pérez is a fourth-year student at Harvard University studying Government with language citations in both French and Italian. Though born in Canada and raised in small-town North Carolina, Délany finds a close connection to Venezuela, the country both her parents are from. She is particularly interested in the anti-American dimension of Venezuelan-American relations in the Chávez eras and chaired a committee at HACIA 2014 for El Gabinete Ejecutivo de Hugo Chávez 2002. Outside of HACIA and academics, Délany is very active in Model United Nations, particularly on the competitive college circuit and served as one of the co-head delegates on Harvard’s MUN team. Additionally, she loves to dance: after training up until college in classical ballet, Délany joined CityStep at Harvard, a group that teaches dance classes for 5th through 7th-graders in the area. As HACIA Democracy’s Business Director both this year and last, Délany is primarily responsible for managing conference finances, working with conference partners, and overseeing HACIA’s relationship with our host hotel.


Director of English Committees: Viet Tran (english_committees@hacia-democracy.org)

Viet is a fourth-year student at Harvard College, studying Neurobiology with a focus on the Mind, Brain, and Behavior. Born in a small village outside Da Nang, Viet Nam, Viet lived between there and Saigon until the age of 4, before being brought to Texas where he grew up. He has been involved with Model UN as a delegate on the Intercollegiate Model UN team and a staffer for both Harvard MUN and Harvard National MUN since his first year at the College. Viet took up Model UN out of a desire for self-improvement and to be a part of an international community focused on open discussion and social change. Viet joined HACIA as an English Chair last year and was inspired by delegates’ desire to learn, improve, and engage in the diplomatic mission of HACIA. He hopes that delegates will get as much out of being part of this special community as he has and will endeavor to provide the best committee experiences possible for both delegates and staff. Outside of HACIA and MUN, Viet invests his time in conducting Alzheimer’s research, working with the College to better serve first generation students, and organizing Vietnamese cultural events. He is also fond of BBQ, epic high-fives, and car rides along the country side with his windows rolled down.


Director of Spanish Committees: Sophia Lugo (spanish_committees@hacia-democracy.org)

Sophia Lugo is a third-year student at Harvard University studying History of Medicine and Society, a multidisciplinary field combining the philosophy, history, and natural sciences that have affected the trajectory of medicine, with a secondary concentration in Global Health and Health Policy.   She plans to attend medical school after graduation and continue being involved in health politics.

As a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico, Sophia has always had an interest in international relations, particularly those involving her home countries, which brought her to join the staff of HACIA XXI as chair of the historical committee in Spanish.  The passion, dedication, and fun-loving attitudes of the delegates  convinced her to return to HACIA XXII as Director of Spanish Committees, where she can increase her direct involvement in HACIA while staying closer in touch with the substantive aspect of the conference that brought her to love HACIA.

Beyond fulfilling her role as Committees Director, this summer Sophia will be working at a neurobiology lab at Harvard Medical School studying aggression behaviors and traveling to have close encounters with medical spaces from different historical settings, her other academic passions.  With all the exciting committee topics in store for HACIA XXII’s delegates, she cannot wait to hear the exciting debates and discussions that will occur in the spring of 2016.



Administration Director: Juan Pablo Miramontes  (admin@hacia-democracy.org)

Juan Miramontes is a third-year student at Harvard studying Social Studies, an interdisciplinary track involving social and political theory. His secondary fields of study are in French and Linguistics, which he hopes to combine to pursue a specialized study of migration in Western Europe. Though originally from Mexico, Juan now lives in Northern California.

Coming from an international and multicultural background, Juan was initially drawn to simulations of supranational organizations out of an interest in the capacity for such institutions to bring about multilateral dialogue and conflict resolution.  His particular interest in Latin American politics led him to join HACIA XXI, where he had a blast serving as a co-director for the Cumbre de las Americas. The vigor and passion of the delegates in his committee was one of many reasons that he decided to join the board of HACIA XXII, as the Director of Administration.

When not directing committees or writing background guides, Juan loves learning new languages, traveling, and procrastinating on Google Earth. This summer, he will be in Buenos Aires interning with a think tank on public policy and exploring the South American continent!




Development Director: João Henrique Vogel (development@hacia-democracy.org)

João Henrique Vogel is a fourth-year student at Harvard studying Sociology, with a secondary field of study in Economics and a language citation in French. He was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but his father is from Madrid, Spain, where his paternal family still lives.

Having studied at a traditional Brazilian high school, it was not until his second year of college that João had his first contact with a conference that simulates supranational organizations. At HACIA XX, he had the pleasure of co-chairing the Consejo Permanente (Permanent Council of the OAS). Driven by the impact potential of leading substantive discussions with passionate students from across Latin America, João remained part of the staff by co-chairing the Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (Interamerican Court of Human Rights) during HACIA XXI. His experience leading the organization of Brazilian student conferences in the United States and that HACIA have an even bigger presence during his undergraduate experience led him to join the board of HACIA XXII, as the Development Director.

Apart from planning part of the conference logistics and the social activities for the delegates, João is also passionate about acting, producing, and directing theatrical plays. Furthermore, he dedicates most of his free time to serving as the Vice-President of BRASA, a Brazilian student association with more than 45 university-chapters in three different countries.


Contact Information:

Julián Atehortúa Muñoz, President