Committee Descriptions and Bulletins

English Committees


Permanent Council of the OAS

 This two-topic standing committee will explore women’s rights issues in Latin-America. Delegates will be asked to consider the various social and institutional inequalities that women face throughout the subcontinent, as well as to challenge this status quo through impending solutions by representing different member countries. The first topic will tackle Equitable Access to Education for Women in Latin-America, and the second topic will tackle Femicide in Latin-America.  



Since 2020, Latin-American countries have been greatly struck by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite several governments’ responses to this public health issue, Latin-America’s complex political, economic, and social infrastructures continue to vary. This two-topic committee will explore the various aspects of this public health issue and potential solutions to help countries in Latin-America recover from COVID-19.



The Latin American Debt crisis of 1980 was one of the most traumatic events in Latin America’s economic history, a period referred to as “the lost decade”. This crisis was the result of several nations not being able to repay their debt, which led many international banks to stop providing loans to Latin America. This committee will put delegates at the inception of the crisis in August of 1982, after Mexico announces that it will be unable to repay its debts. As a committee, delegates will have to respond to the current debt crisis, provide potential solutions, and develop a robust strategy to prevent such a crisis from occurring again.


Historical Committee (Double Delegation)

In 1991, Colombia’s government held a constitutional assembly to write a completely new constitution for the state. In this historical account, delegates will be asked to reenact the events of this time period and work together to shape Colombia’s democratic future through the founding of a new constitution. Taking into account the historical and political contexts of this year, this committee will delve into the events of 1991.


OAS Special Mission

El Salvador faces one of the largest cases of internal displacement in Latin-American history. Several factors within the country have forcefully pushed native Salvadorans from their hometowns to other parts of the country. The OAS Special Mission will explore El Salvador’s internal context and argue ways to resolve push factors that have made El Salvador a tumultuous country for many citizens over the last decades.


Crisis Cabinet

2018 is an important year for the state of Brazilian Democracy. In this crisis committee, delegates will take the roles of important agents in Brazilian society as they attempt to navigate the most important election year in the country’s contemporary history, arguably one that will determine Brazil’s democratic state for years, if not decades, to come. Delegates will be asked to consider contemporary accounts of Brazil’s social, political, and economic conditions prior to and on election year.