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HACIA XXVII Will Be Held Virtually (March 10-13th)

As previously shared with our community, HACIA has continued to monitor the evolving factors related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and has decided to move HACIA 2022 to a virtual format. This was a difficult but necessary decision, as the health of students is our top priority, and we cannot predict the state of COVID come March.


A Note on Position Papers

All registered HACIA delegates must submit position papers to their committee directors. The essays must be sent by Wednesday, February 23 at 11:59 PM to receive feedback from the committee directors. If you do not wish to receive feedback or prefer to submit it later, position papers will be accepted until the night of Wednesday March 9 (please don't wait until this very last day if possible). All position papers should be sent to your respective committee emails with the subject "(name of committee)_(name and surname of delegate)". Please use the same email you used when you registered. Any questions about position papers should be directed to admin@hacia-democracy.org. Here is a list of the committees and their emails: 

Cumbre de las Americas: cumbre@hacia-democracy.org

Corte Inter-Americana de Derechos Humanos: corte@hacia-democracy.org

Consejo de Seguridad de la NNUU: consejo@hacia-democracy.org

PROSUR: prosur@hacia-democracy.org

Crisis en Español: gabinete@hacia-democracy.org

Permanent Council of the OAS: permanentcouncil@hacia-democracy.org

PAHO: paho@hacia-democracy.org

ECLAC: eclac@hacia-democracy.org

Colombia Historical Committee: colombia_historical@hacia-democracy.org

OAS Special Mission: oas_specialmission@hacia-democracy.org

Crisis in English: crisis_english@hacia-democracy.org

Historical Committee (Portuguese): historical_portuguese@hacia-democracy.org

Corte (Portuguese): corte_portuguese@hacia-democracy.org

Press Corps: press_corps@hacia-democracy.org


Registration Guide Quick Links

The registration period for HACIA XXVII has passed. If you would still like to register, please email president@hacia-democracy.org.

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Ready to Register?

Please fill out this form to register:


Guide to Registration

Registration Process

1. Review this Guide to Registration and complete any Special Applications.
Students wishing to participate in the Press Corps and Junior Staff Program must submit the corresponding special application forms. All Special Application documents are available below.

2. Complete the HACIA Democracy 2022 Registration Form.
This is the main registration document. Before you begin, please collect information about
your Faculty Advisors, school, and the number of students in your delegation. Special Applications must be uploaded as part of this main registration form.

The registration form includes four parts:

  • Part 1 - Basic information about your school (location, past participation in HACIA)

  • Part 2 - Faculty advisor information (email, phone, preferred language)

  • Part 3 - Delegation information (number of delegates, languages, special applications)

  • Part 4 - Payment preferences, refund policy

3. Receive and distribute your country and committee assignments.

After you have submitted your Registration Form, you will receive your delegation’s country and committee assignments. You will also receive results for any Special Applications submitted. Please note that unsuccessful applicants will automatically receive a position in a regular committee. After you receive your assignments, you will be asked to submit basic information for each delegate in your delegation.

4. Submit all registration fees 

Please note that your registration will not be considered complete until we receive the totality of your registration fees. Please allow up to five business days upon receipt for our team to process any payments.

5. Get ready for HACIA Democracy 2022! Leading up to conference, we will post a range of resources to help you prepare successfully for the Summit of the Americas!


Registration Deadlines and Fees

The registration deadlines for the XXVII Summit of the Americas are as follows:

Early: December 1st, 2021
Regular: February 1st, 2022
Late: February 20th, 2022

Registrations received after the Late Registration Deadline will be reviewed on the basis of
space availability. In order to complete the registration process, all delegations must pay the
following fees in full. Please note that the rates are only guaranteed once payment is
. For example, a school that completes the registration form in December but
only submits payment in late February will have to pay late registration fees.

Delegation Registration Fee: All delegations (each school is considered a delegation) must pay a standard registration fee of USD 25.00, regardless of registration date.

Delegate Fees: All delegates (students) must pay an individual registration fee. Delegate Fees vary across program and registration deadline.​​

  • Additional Advisor Fee: USD 25 (regardless of registration date)

  • Junior Staffer Fee: USD 50 (regardless of registration date)

  • Delegate Fee: 

    • USD 90 if registered early​

    • USD 100 if registered by regular deadline

    • USD 110 if registered late​​​​

Click the buttons bellow for quick guides to our registration process. ​​


Special Applications

Please have each student wishing to apply fill out the corresponding application, and include them in your registration.

We will be filling spots on a rolling basis.

Junior Staffer Application

Solicitud Programa de Staff Junior

Press Corps Application

Solicitud Press

English Crisis Committees Application

Solicitud Comités de Crisis


Methods of Payment

HACIA will offer two methods of payment for HACIA 2022.


Please write a check to HACIA Democracy for the total amount of your registration fees and send
it to the following address:

Harvard Association Cultivating Inter-American Democracy
Student Organization Center at Hilles
59 Shepard Street
Box #141
Cambridge, MA 02138

Wire Transfer


If you prefer to pay by wire transfer, you will be charged a processing fee of USD 7.50. The
bank information is the following:

Receiving Bank: Harvard University Employees Credit Union
ABA Number: 211381738
Beneficiary Name: HACIA Democracy
Account Number: 94598-40

Due to the fixed costs of the conference and to complications in previous years, HACIA will have
a strict no refund policy. However, we recognize that we are living in strange times that require
flexibility. If you believe that your delegation might require a refund due to unforeseeable events
in your local area, please reach out to registration@hacia-democracy.org to discuss options.



If you have any questions about the Registration Process, please e-mail us at
registration@hacia-democracy.org. We’ll be happy to help!