Preparation Resources


Rules of Procedure

All of our rules and guidelines for debate are outlined here. Some will be quite similar to general debate practices while others are specific to HACIA.

Reglas de Procedimiento

Todas nuestras reglas de procedimiento están descritas en este documento. Algunas son similares a las de otros eventos, mientras otras son propias de HACIA Democracy.

Guide to Position Papers

Our position paper guide is meant to ease first-timers into the position paper. They will find general writing tips and HACIA-specific advice.

Guía al documento de posición

Nuestra guía esta dirigida a aquellos que participan por primera vez. En ella encontrarán consejos generales de escritura y sugerencias para HACIA.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am an individual delegate. How much do I have to pay?

Individual delegates don't have to pay our delegation fee or advisor fee, so the only remaining cost is the conference fee. The next deadline is February 20th, and the Late Registration cost would be $110 USD per delegate.

When are position papers due?

The essays must be sent by Wednesday, February 23 at 11:59 PM to receive feedback from the committee directors. If you do not wish to receive feedback or prefer to submit it later, position papers will be accepted until the night of Thursday, March 10. All position papers should be sent to positionpaper@hacia-democracy.org with the subject "(name of committee)_(name and surname of delegate)". Any questions about position papers should be directed to admin@hacia-democracy.org.

When will information about the essay contest be released? I wish to participate.

The HACIA Essay Contest went live on February 9th, and submissions are due March 1st. Any delegate can participate. More information, about the prompt, length, and submission, can be found under HACIA XXVII Essay Contest, linked here

What platform will we be using? What does the schedule look like?

HACIA XXVII will take place online this year, and we will be using Zoom. Links will be communicated once the registration period closes on February 20th. A copy of HACIA's tentative schedule this year is linked here, please keep in mind that certain event details are still subject to change.